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Sales Eye - The Year in Sales Eye 2004 (Dec 20th, 2004)



The Year in Sales Eye 2004

20th December 2004 


As an end of the year service to our readers, we have prepared this summary of articles that were published during 2004. If you have some ideas or some issues you would like us to tackle in the future, please let us know.


12 New Year's sales resolutions for 2004 (January 12-18)

Probably the same ones that will be on your list next year. Some ideas include: plan your week, not just your day; call all your customers in January; stop wasting time and stop making excuses.


Are you your clients' trusted advisor? (February 2-8)

A discussion of what it takes to go from being a typical sales rep to distinguishing yourself and becoming a trusted advisor/sales consultant. How to provide solutions for your client, not just ways for them to spend money.


The price is right (February 16-22)

A shortlist of pointers on how to prepare for the price increase that many businesses are facing. Various issues to consider for management, the sales force and your clients.


The two billion złoty cold call (March 1-7)

The first half of the 10 steps of the Sales Cycle: organization; prospecting; relationship building; information gathering and assessing the client's needs.


In search of the holy grail (March 15-21)

The who, what, and why of developing a customer loyalty plan with your clients. How 'creating a loyalty programme is so much more valuable than just winning new business' is discussed with specific examples for the Polish market.


The sales cycle (March 29-April 4)

Part two of the 10 steps of the Sales Cycle: professional offer; overcome objections; close the sale; order fulfillment; post-sales follow-up.


Here comes the bribe (April 13-18)

Exposing some of the corrupt practices that affect all our businesses and how not to fall victim to attempts of bribery.

Issues like this are in the Polish press every day, so we will address the topic more in 2005.

Wanted: sales representatives (May 4-9)

This is the 'how to guide' preparing you for those all important job interviews. We include topics such as your CV, typical questions and how to follow-up an interview.


You're fired! (May 17-23)

Here is one for the employers. Your guide to giving weak performers the boot. Our final bit of advice: Fire soon. Fire often. Always be fair. And no regrets.


I quit (May 31-June 6)

How to quit your job with class. Some rules that you should follow when giving notice including don't bad-mouth your employer and don't take an extra copy of the client database for yourself.


You may already be a winner (June 21-27)

In this article, we discuss how to run a sales contest and incentive program.


The great escape (July 19-August 1)

How to ensure that you don't lose a client when something goes wrong. Here is a hint: don't hide behind e-mails and be prepared to propose a solution.


The art of execution (October 4-10)

One of the most practical but also most important articles-and it can have an immediate impact. Theory is great, but this article will show you execution is the most important factor in making your sales targets.


Are you asking the right questions? (October 18-24)

Are you listening to your clients, or are you just waiting to talk, to impress them with all your knowledge and smooth selling skills. We say, "get a clue," learn how to ask smart questions and learn how to listen.


SPIN your way to higher sales (November 2-7)

The types of questions that you should be asking during meetings, from Situational to Need-Payoff questions.


The goose that lays the golden eggs (November 15-21)

A strategic approach to winning new clients. Some concrete ideas to acquiring new business for the newcomer or the seasoned professional.


The new battleground (November 29-December 5)

Grow or die. Is your company prepared for the fight of their life in 2005? Here we discuss the most important elements to survival and growth.


'Tis the Season (December 13-19)

Are your clients putting off decisions until after the holidays? Here are some ideas that will keep you busy until the final days of the year.


Happy New Year,

see you in January!



From Warsaw Business Journal by John Lynch, Matt Lynch -"The Sales Brothers"