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A Guide for European Promotional Products Companies
Last time, we discussed the importance of firing. This week, we turn the tables and provide insights into how an employee should behave when they decide to 'move on.'
Your clients are sitting in their conference room-the president, purchasing manager and marketing manager.
When was the last time you fired a sales rep? Every time you fire a sales rep, it means your recruitment or training program has failed, and you must understand why.
As we saw during our last article, the art of asking questions is one of the most important skills a salesperson can have.
The sales cycle is a mystery for many salespeople. They realize that a lot of work has to be done before a sale can be made, but they are not sure if or when the sale is going to happen.
Ah, the ubiquitous sales contest. Every company has them and every sales rep knows them well. If done correctly, there's no better way to motivate your sales reps to achieve some tangible short or medium-term goal.
As an end of the year service to our readers, we have prepared this summary of articles that were published during 2004. If you have some ideas or some issues you would like us to tackle in the future, please let us know.
Wouldn't it be great if you never had to do any prospecting? All you'd do is come into the office and already have hundreds of qualified leads waiting for you to call and close.
What is the secret to guarantee repeat business? The truth is, it's not a secret at all, it is superior customer service.
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